Information on Becoming a Medela Account

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Hospitals, Public and Home Health Care Providers, Pharmacies, Employee Corporate Lactation, and other appropriate professionals that support breastfeeding mothers in the areas that they serve are welcome to apply.

With leading health authorities endorsing breast milk as the preferred choice in infant nutrition, more and more mothers are choosing to breastfeed. Mothers that go back to work or experience breastfeeding complications may require a breast pump. Medela’s breast pumps set the standard for hospital, at-home and worksite use. Medela also offers a wide range of breastfeeding accessories and spare parts that support and enhance the breastfeeding experience.

Why Medela?
For over 30 years, Medela has set the standards of excellence in our field in the US, and in doing so, raises the bar for the rest of the industry. Our dedication to excellence in quality and safety, improving knowledge through research, and appropriate use of technological developments confirms our leadership position and is what enables Medela to offer the highest quality products available.

How Does the Retail Program Work?
Medela’s Retail Program offers an assortment of breastfeeding products to meet every mother’s needs; personal use pumps, breast care, cleaning, collection, storage, and spare parts.  Also, Hospital Grade (Multi-user) pumps and Baby Weigh scales are available to rent to your clients.  Rental Programs are described below. A minimum opening order is required.


How Does the Rental Program Work?
Medela’s Rental Program offers Hospital Grade (Multi-user) pumps and Baby Weigh scales to rent to your clients at a nominal monthly or annual fee.  Medela has two rental program plans which include a monthly flat rate or an annual pre-paid rate.  We also offer forms to help you administer the rental process with your clients. A minimum opening order is required


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Order Terms and Conditions
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