Human Milk Magazine - Issue 1, 2015

Click the link below to read Human Milk Magazine Issue 1, 2015, featuring:

  • Cover story - Mother's Journey to Successful Breastfeeding From Hospital to Home: The breast, the body and the technology
  • Outcomes - Expectation for Human Milk in Healthcare
  • Practically Speaking - Top 3 Breastfeeding Issues for New Moms and What Clinicians Can Do to Overcome Them
  • News - Millennial Moms and ABC's of ACA
  • NICU Perspectives - Professional Perceptions and Team Communications
  • Community Support and Outreach - Medela Recycles, Mothers Milk Bank Walk, Supporting Prematurity Awareness Month and Breastpump Hackathon
  • Education - Human Milk Monthly Webinars