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Supporting employer groups with workplace solutions for their mom employees

Creating a Balance
Many employers recognize the importance of helping employees’ balance the daily rigors of their work and personal life.  Evidence of the benefits to supporting employees can be found by looking at programs now offered. Daycare, eldercare, domestic partner coverage, adoption assistance and sick child days were services once unheard of a few years ago. Corporate Lactation Programs, including mothers rooms, were primarily non-existent a short time ago as well. 

Companies may wonder how to support their working moms with a space if they do not already exist within their establishment. Medela can help you develop a corporate lactation program that meets your company's needs.

Benefits to Creating a Corporate Lactation Program
Creating a corporate Lactation Program increases employee loyalty, enhances morale and job satisfaction, improves a corporate image and reduces healthcare costs.  The return on investment is invaluable to the employer, the employee and ultimately, the baby.

Components to a Successful Lactation Program
The most successful lactation programs offer many features, however there are three main components:
(1) a private mothers room, (2) breast pump equipment, and (3) access to qualified lactation professionals. Learn more about Employer Group solutions

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