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David Duresky

Lighthouse, Florida


Mr. Duresky is one of the founding members of the Breastfeeding Coalition of Broward County, Florida and he currently works for the Broward Healthy Start Coalition. He is the author of an evidence-based curriculum utilizing motivational interviewing to address breastfeeding rates, which was subsequently funded by the Florida Department of Health. Duresky trained more than 100 breastfeeding educators in 2012 on how to implement the curriculum and in 2013, he is responsible for training all breastfeeding educators across the state of Florida. He has made an indelible mark on the breastfeeding community by educating support personnel to engage mothers who may be resistant or ambivalent toward breastfeeding.

Support Letter

Working with David changed my life as a breastfeeding Mom.  He came to me at a time in my life when I was overwhelmed and did not know what to do to successfully breastfeed my daughter.  He was able to help me overcome many challenges that allowed me to exclusively breastfeed my baby for over three months.  He connected me with WIC and helped me obtain a breast pump so I could continue working. While as a doctor I knew that breastfeeding was important, I didn’t know how challenging it could be.  Had David not been available to support me through this process I may have not continued.  I believe my baby and I are much healthier as a result of my opportunity to breastfeed.  David helped me understand the importance of sticking with breastfeeding and helped me accomplish my goals.

Kathy Boles, M.P.H. Pharm. D.
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