Medela's Helper Checklist


Consider products in the checklist to help you meet your breastmilk feeding goals.

  • Keep track of products you need
  • Find the right products for you within each category - click to view product options
  • Print the checklist to bring into the store

Don't forget to create your wish list! Just look for the "Add to Wish List" button on the product pages of our website. As you add products to your wish list, they'll be marked on the checklist. Easy!

  1. Breast Pumps
    Allows breast milk feeding even when you're away from your baby.

    View Breast Pumps

  2. Breast Milk Bottles
    Made without BPA and designed to retain breast milk's beneficial properties.

    View Breast Milk Bottles

  3. Storage Bags
    Fast and easy breastmilk storage for refrigerator or freezer.

    View Storage Bags

  4. Cleaning
    Safe, easy and convenient cleaning of your breastmilk feeding products and pump accessories.

    View Cleaning

  5. Bra Pads
    For effective and discreet leak protection.

    View Bra Pads

  6. Sore Nipple Care
    Advanced Nipple Therapy for dry and tender nipples.

    View Sore Nipple Care