What You Need

As an expectant mom, there are a number of things you should consider gathering prior to babies arrival. The list below is specific for baby and breastfeeding.  There are a number of items you should consider to prepare properly for the arrival of baby.  Speak with your Child Birth Educator for a complete list of items.


In the Hospital

Baby's going home outfit

A warm pair of booties/socks for baby

A warm blanket especially for cold weather

An infant car seat - stop by your local fire department for assistance with installing

A warm hat for baby

A quality breastpump in the event breastfeeding cannot be initiated for any reason

A postpartum support belt

At Home - for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding books and videos - a number of good quality books and videos are available to answer many of your questions right away.

The contact number of an IBCLC - a lactation consultant can really help during difficult times or Ask the Medela LC

At least two nursing bras

A breastfeeding pillow to support baby while breastfeeding

A rocking chair or glider to make late nights a little easier

At least two dozen burping cloths - these come in handy for many cleanups

A high quality lanolin for ongoing nipple therapy

At least four washable bra pads or a good supply of disposable bra pads to keep lactating breasts dry

Consider Medela breast shells to help with flat or inverted nipples

iBreastfeed app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

At Home - for breastpumping