The Value of Human Milk

The Value of Human Milk:  
to Baby, Baby's Family, the Hospital & Community
The value of human milk in the NICU is immeasurable both in health benefits to the newborn and financial impact to the hospital and the families you serve.  Providing human milk to infants in the NICU has significant economic impact.  Recent studies demonstrate that a minimum of $3.6 billion would be saved in health care and community costs if breastfeeding or expression of human milk was increased from 64 to 75 percent.  These savings include direct costs such as formula and physician, clinic, hospital, laboratory and procedural fees.  In addition, the savings would include the indirect costs of time and wages lost by parents attending to a sick child. 

 It is further estimated that $1.1 billion is spent on extra health care costs each year due to infant diarrhea, respiratory synctial virus, insulin-dependent diabetes, mellitus and otitis media found in children who were not fed human milk.

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