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Medela is worth it 100%. I am a mother of 2, with my most recent child only 4 months old. I have owned 3 breast pumps. Medela is superior by far. The first two (First Years and Playtex) got the job done, but in three times the amount of time, louder, and didn't last. I was only able to breast feed my first baby for 4 months because after I went back to work, my pump didn't support my milk supply well enough and started to die so I couldn't keep up with my daughter anymore. I got a new pump with my new baby, and it's been a repeat of the first experience until I went ahead and got the medela pump. It's been a life saver. Not only does it pump in less time, but I don't even have to turn the suction all the way up to get anything to come out. Trust me, no one wants to be pumping for longer than they have to. And it's much quieter than the others I've had. Lastly, the customer service at Medela is superior! I ordered my medela pump from a medical supply company, it arrived damaged and the medical supply company would not take it back, exchange it or send replacement parts. I called Medela, and they sent me brand new parts, free of charge, no questions asked, OVERNIGHT! Amazing. I would happily recommend and support Medela purchases to anyone.

– Manda , Oconomowoc , Wisconsin