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I recieved the Medela Harmony Manual Pump at our baby shower. I used it after coming home from the hospital to pump breastmilk for storage to be used after I returned to work. Upon returning to work, I purchased the In Style Metro. I love this pump! I work in sales and the less time I am prospecting for clients, the less sales I make. The In Style allows me to pump in 20 minutes and keep the milk at my desk with the ice pack and insulated bottle holder so that I don't forget it when I leave for the day. I have celiac's disease, as does my son. My son, as a result of the celiac's disease, has a very delicate digestive system and did not respond well to formula after he stopped breastfeeding at 6 months. He was only given formula a few times before we made other arrangements. It was very stressful. I am unsure if my daughter has celiac's disease or a sensitive digestive system however, I don't plan to find out until much later. The In Style gives me the ability to go back to work and to make sure my daughter has nutrition that meets her needs. She is thriving- she weighed 5 lbs, 10 oz at birth and now weighs 10 lbs., 6 oz. at 8 weeks old. I owe part of my success to Medela for helping me maintain an ample milk supply. Thank you Medela as well for teaching the nurses and lactation consultants at hospitals about your products. The nurse at the hospital suggested I try larger flanges and I am much more comfortable now pumping. You make breastfeeding and working doable.

– Leslie S , Boulder , Colorado