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Product Name
Pump In Style® Advanced
Breastpump Type
Hospital Performance  
Type of Pump   Personal use - single/double electric
AC Adaptor Powered   110V
Adjustable Speed/Vacuum   X
Battery Option   AA
Weight    9 lbs. (pump, bag + all accessories)
Daily Use   X
Pumping every day   X
Occasional missed feedings   X
Breastfeeding Challenges
Premature or hospitalized baby  
Low milk supply   X
Sore nipples or engorgement   X
Breastpump Features
Pump System Alerts  
Quiet    46.0 dB
Touch Screen Interface  
Command Chimes/Chime Silence  
2-Phase Expression Technology   X
LED Display  
Pumping Session Timer  
Pumping Session Memory Button  
Removable work space   The Metro Bag
Removable Pump Motor   The Metro Bag
Optional Vehicle Lighter Adapter   sold separately
Removable Cooler Carrier   X
PersonalFit Breastshield Compatible   X
Warranty   1 year limited