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Product Name
Freestyle® Breastpump Deluxe Set
Pump In Style® Advanced
Swing™ Breastpump
Breastpump Type
Hospital Performance      
Type of Pump     Personal Use - Single/Double   Occasional Use - Single
AC Adaptor Powered     110V   110V
Adjustable Speed/Vacuum     X   X
Battery Option     AA   AA
Weight       2.5 lbs
Daily Use     X  
Pumping every day     X  
Occasional missed feedings   X   X   X
Breastfeeding Challenges
Premature or hospitalized baby      
Low milk supply   X   X  
Sore nipples or engorgement     X   X
Breastpump Features
Pump System Alerts      
Quiet      46.0 dB    46.7 dB
Touch Screen Interface      
Command Chimes/Chime Silence      
2-Phase Expression Technology     X   X
LED Display      
Pumping Session Timer      
Pumping Session Memory Button      
Removable work space     The Metro Bag  
Removable Pump Motor     The Metro Bag  
Optional Vehicle Lighter Adapter     sold separately  
Removable Cooler Carrier     On-the-Go Tote  
PersonalFit Breastshield Compatible     X   X
Warranty   1 year limited   1 year limited   1 Year - Limited