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  • Medela ENFit Extension Set Main Image
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    Medela Medela Extension Sets with ENFit® Connectors

    Item #: ENF06018LD

    Make the Connection™

    The Medela Enteral Feeding System extension sets are part of a complete, end-to-end feeding system. ENFit connectors create a locking system to minimize disconnections.

    Safety Enteral Connectors: The ENFit Connector and how it meets the upcoming ISO standards

    The new changes to enteral feeding connectors are due to the ISO80369-3 standards to improve the safety of enteral feeding. At Medela, our highest goal is to ensure patient safety. We have adopted the ENFit enteral feeding connector, not only to meet patient safety goals, but to also allow facilities ample opportunity to make the transition from previous connectors to the new ENFit connectors. 

    Medela offers a TwistLok version of Medela enteral feeding system. 

    Medela Enteral Feeding System Brochure (PDF) 

    Request more information about the Medela Guardian Warmer

    To order ENFit product, please contact your Medela Sales Representative or Medela Customer Service at 800-435-8316.

    ENFit is a federally registered trademark of GEDSA and is used with permission.

    What’s Included

    Medela Extension Sets are individually packaged.

    • ENF06018LD, 60" length, 1.3 mL priming volume - box of 100
    • ENF060182LD, 60" length, 2.0 mL priming volume - box of 100
    • ENF06019LD, 60" length, 1.7 mL priming volume (with medport) - box of 100
    • ENF060192LD, 60" length, 2.2 mL priming volume (with medport) - box of 100
    • ENF07018LD, 70" length, 1.5 mL priming volume (ideal for Guardian Warmer) - box of 100
    • ENF07019LD, 70" length, 1.9 mL priming volume (ideal for Guardian Warmer and with medport) - box of 100
    • ENF001LD, 5" length, 0.4 mL priming volume (enteral straw for feeding preparation) - box of 100
    • ENF003LD, 2.5" length, 0.5 mL priming volume bifurcated enteral set - box of 50

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