• Symphony PLUS Breast Pump
  • Symphony PLUS Breast Pump
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    Medela Symphony® PLUS™ Breast Pump

    Item #: 0240215

    • Supports your efforts to help mothers provide the life-giving benefits of human milk. PLUS helps more mothers produce more milk.
    • Successful initiation is essential for building and maintaining milk supply during mom's breastfeeding journey. Symphony PLUS helps moms of preterm or term infants initiate, build and maintain their breast milk production.
    • The PLUS Initiation program closely mimics the pattern during the first few days of lactation when the infant sucks more irregularly with rapid sucks and longer pauses.
    • One card provides two programs to help Initiate.Build.Maintain milk supply.

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    • The first few days after birth are an exciting and special time, but also an important time for initiating your breast milk supply. Successful initiation can help you have more success in all stages of breast milk production. Symphony PLUS can help!
    • PLUS supports mothers with clinically researched breast pump technology to successfully initiate, build and maintain milk supply.
    • With PLUS, mothers that exclusively pump can express enough milk to support an exclusive human milk diet for their infant.

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    What’s Included

    • 1 - Symphony breast pump
    • 1 - Symphony PLUS Program Card
    • 1 - container stand
    • 1 - quick start card
    • 1 - protector for card/cord
    • Instructions


    • Unit Weight: 7.05 lbs 
    • Unit Size/Packaging: 10 1/4 x 8 1/4 x 12 1/2 
    • 3 year limited

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