Pump In Style® Advanced Breast Pump Starter Set FAQs

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  • How should I power my breast pump while traveling outside the United States?
    • Pump in Style recently updated it’s AC power adaptor as of June 1st, 2019.  With this new adaptor, when traveling internationally, there are 3 power options:

      1. Use the Battery Pack that was included with your Pump In Style® Advanced breast pump.
      2. Purchase the 9 volt Portable Vehicle Adaptor (sold separately) item 67174.
      3. Use the power adaptor that was included with your Pump in Style® Advanced breast pump with universal prong converters (sold separately, not a Medela item)


      Please note: The previous Pump in Style Advanced power adaptor (item number 68030 or 9207010) is not compatible outside of North America. Please call Medela Customer Service if you have any questions identifying which power adaptor came with your breast pump.

  • Can a universal power adaptor work with Pump in Style Advanced breast pumps?
    • The Pump In Style Advanced power adaptor (68030 / 9207010) is a linear power supply that is designed for use with standard U.S. outlets. Use of this adaptor outside the United States may result in breast pump motor damage and unpredictable operation.

      As of June 2019, All Pump in Style breast pumps have been updated with a dual-voltage power adaptor 110-240v.  If you have an older power adaptor (68030/9207010) you may purchase the new power adaptor (101036640 / 101036649) for international use. Please call Medela Customer Service if you have any questions.

  • How do I purchase a portable vehicle adaptor or battery pack for my Pump In Style Advanced breast pump?