Quick Clean™ Breast Milk Removal Soap FAQs

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Product Usage

  • Does Quick Clean Soap really remove breast milk without scrubbing?
    • Yes.  Quick Clean Soap is specially formulated to break down and remove the protein and fat found in breast milk.  We have demonstrated through testing that the product works without scrubbing.  It is important to soak everything being cleaned in soapy water for 5 minutes.

  • How often should I use Quick Clean Soap?
    • Quick Clean Soap is meant to be used every day.  The soap is gentle and very effective on surfaces touched by breast milk.

  • Medela offers several Quick Clean cleaning products. When should I use Quick Clean Soap?
    • Quick Clean Soap is great for home use every time you clean.

  • Quick Clean Soap looks like soapy water. Is it concentrated?
    • Quick Clean Soap is concentrated and intentionally clear.  Quick Clean Soap is very effective in small amounts so don't be fooled by its appearance.  Follow the instructions so that you don't use too much and waste the soap.