Calma® - Breast Milk Feeding Nipple FAQs

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Cleaning / Sanitizing

  • Does Calma require any special cleaning?
    • Cleaning & Care
      Prior to first use and after each use:

      1. Remove Calma from bottle by turning counter clockwise.
      2. Press base down.
      3. Lift nipple from top and remove silicone nipple.
      It is important to clean Calma after every feed:
      1. Rinse all separated parts in cool water to remove breastmilk.
      2. Wash all separated parts in warm, soapy water.*
      3. Rinse all separated parts with clear water.
      4. Allow all separated parts to air dry in a clean area.
      Note: You can also wash all separated parts on top rack of dishwasher.
      *It is not recommended to use a bottle brush with Calma.
      CAUTION: Do not leave feeding parts in direct sunlight or heat, as this may weaken or damage parts.
      1. In addition to cleaning, Calma can be sanitized once per day by boiling:
      2. Separate all parts.
      3. Choose a pot that is large enough so parts. DO NOT rest on the sides or bottom while boiling.
      4. Fill the pot with water and bring to a boil.
      5. Carefully drop parts into boiling water, and boil for 10 minutes.
      6. Gently remove parts from water with tongs and place on a clean surface.
      7. Allow all separated parts to air dry in a clean area.
      Medela’s Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam™ bag can be used as an alternate to boiling. To locate a Medela retailer visit
      Storing Parts
      Make sure all parts are completely dry before storing. When parts are not in use, put in clean plastic bag or store in a container with a lid. Alternatively, the parts can be wrapped in clean paper or cloth towel. Do NOT store wet or damp parts.


  • Can Calma be used with other manufacturer's bottles on the market?
    • Calma has been designed to be used with Medela's bottles and containers.  We have not done testing on other manufacturer's containers.  You may find that you can thread Calma onto other bottles but you may find that this combination may leak or cause other issues.  We do not recommend using Calma with any other manufacturer containers.



  • Is Calma compatible with all Medela bottles/containers?
    • Calma is compatible with all Medela containers, including the Colostrum containers, 80 ml, 5 oz and 8 oz bottles.

Misc. Questions & Answers

  • Why is Calma available in only 1 size?
    • Multiple nipple sizes are not required as the baby controls the flow of milk through vacuum.  The baby will apply more or less vacuum to Calma as its need for milk changes throughout breastfeeding duration.

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Product Usage

  • Can Calma only be used with breast milk?
    • Calma has been designed to be exclusively used with breast milk and as such we cannot attest to Calma being used with other food.