Symphony® Breast Pump FAQs

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Cleaning / Sanitizing

  • Can the protective membrane be boiled?
    • Yes, the Symphony Protective Membrane can be boiled without harm.

Product Usage

  • How long will the Symphony operate before it automatically shuts off?
    • The Symphony automatically shuts off after 30 minutes with both battery and electric operation.

  • What should I do if my milk is already flowing when I start pumping?
    • Use the individual setting and press the "let-down" button to directly use the expression mode.

  • What functions do the knobs perform on the Symphony?
    • The button all the way to the left is the on/off button. The knob in the center of the unit controls the suction and speed. The button all the way to the right is the "let down" button. This button interrupts the first phase (stimulation phase) so you can go right to the expression phase without waiting for the 2 minute stimulation phase to end.


  • What does it mean when the Symphony reads, "invalid card?"
    • When the Symphony message reads, "invalid card" it could mean that the card in the pump is not the correct program card; the card could be damaged or the card is not inserted correctly.

      Unplug the pump and remove the card. Check the card to make sure it is the correct card and also check for damage. Replace if necessary. Make sure the card is inserted in the direction of the arrows and the arrows are visible.

      Plug in the pump and press the let-down button and the power button at the same time. Hold for several seconds and release. Try the pump again. If this does not correct the problem, the pump would need to be sent back the rental station for return to Medela.

  • Why does the cover pop off the Symphony pump while I'm pumping?
    • If the Symphony cover pops up while you are pumping, it may be due to an obstruction in the tubing.


  • What do I do if milk gets in the tubing?
    • Inspect tubing after each pumping session. Clean tubing if there is any sign of condensation and/or milk.
      CAUTION: If tubing becomes moldy, discontinue use and replace tubing. Shop for tubing
      CAUTION: Do not store wet or damp parts as mold may develop.
      NOTE: Tubing should be washed if dirty or milk is present.
      1.     Turn off breast pump
      2.     Unplug breast pump from power source.
      3.     Remove and disassemble the tubing, protective membrane and membrane cap.
      4.     Remove tubing from breast shield.
      5.     Rinse tubing in cool water to remove breast milk.
      6.     Wash tubing in warm soapy water.
      a.     Rinse tubing with clear water.
      b.    Hang to air dry.