BiliBed® Phototherapy Unit FAQs

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Misc. Questions & Answers

  • What is the material of the BabySupport?
    • BabySupport cover is polyurethane plastic.

  • How long does the Bilibed bulb last?
    • It is recommended to change the light tube every 1500 hours.

  • Is the Bilibed cleared by the FDA?
    • Yes, the BiliBed is an FDA approved class II medical product.

  • Does Medela sell a light test meter to measure the light output on the BiliBed bulb?
    • Medela does not offer a test meter. We recommend contacting Olympic Medical at 800-426-0353, they carry a product called a Bilimeter.

  • What material is used for the Disposable Bilicombi?
    • Disposable Bilicombi's top material, excluding trim, is 100% wood pulp/polyester barrier spun lace.  White fabric material is 100% cotton.

  • What material is used for the Washable Bilicombi?
    • The Washable Bilicombi is 75% cotton and 25% polyester.

  • Do I get any Bilicombis when I purchase a Bilibed?
    • The Medela Bilicombis are available for sale separately.


  • What are the dimensions of the Bilibed?
    • Dimensions 63cm L x 32.6cm W x 13cm H or 24.8 "L x 12.8" W x 5.1" H

  • Can the Bilibed be used in an Incubator?
    • No, the bilibed is not for use in Incubators. The temperature control of the incubator may not be capable of compensating for the impact of the Bilibed. Increased humidity inside the incubator being applied for the treatment of the baby, may have a negative impact on the electric/electronic system of the Bilibed or even create an electrical shock hazard. If oxygen or other gases are used for the treatment of the baby inside the incubator, this may create a fire/explosion hazard.

  • How much does the Bilibed actually weigh?
    • 9 pounds

  • What is a Bilicombi?
    • A Bilicombi is used to secure the baby to the Bilibed.  Infants can be kept diapered and warm with the Bilicombi.

Product Usage

  • What is the minimum and maximum baby weight capacity when using the Bilibed?
    • The ideal weight is ~5.5 lbs(~>2.5 kgs). Caution should be exercised for babies below ~3.3 - 4.4 lbs (1.5 - 2.0 kgs) as their skin surface may be too small. The maximum baby weight is ~22lbs (10kgs).

  • Why are there two hour meters on the Bilibed?
    • When the tube lights up, both meters will start counting. This is indicated by the blinking hourglasses. The hour meter (Total H) measures the total time the bed has been in use and cannot be reset. The hour meter (H) shows the therapy time and can be reset. For resetting to 0, press the start/stop switch and hold down for 15 seconds.

  • What is the Bilibed's light output (irradiance level)?
    • Irradiance is 40-60 uw/cm2/nm from a compact fluorescent tube blue light. This translates as 40-60 microwatts/centimeters squared/nanometers from a compact fluorescent blue light tube.

  • What are the washing instructions for a Bilicombi?
    • Wash for Standard Machine cycle. Minimum wash cycle of 10 minutes is recommended. Machine wash in hot water. Minimum temperature 140 degrees F (60 degrees C). Maximum temperature 210 degrees F (95 degrees C). Standard detergent should be used. Use of chlorine bleach can cause color to bleed, fade and can reduce life of Bilicombi. Tumble dry low heat. If any of the Velcro fasteners show decreased adherence, or the light-permeable fabric is damaged/too stiff, a new Bilicombi should be used.

  • What is the Bilibed?
    • The Bilibed is a phototherapy system developed according to the latest medical findings for the treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice).  Because the Bilibed can be fitted to most baby cribs and hospital bassinets, it is very suitable for hospital rooming in or home therapy.  During treatment, the baby is wrapped in the Bilicombi blanket.  Since baby is protected by the Bilicombi from spread light, there is no need for any inconvenient eye protection.

  • Does my baby need eye patches with the Bilibed?
    • There is no need for eye patches, the light contacts only the baby’s body. The Bilicombi properly positions the baby to the bed.

  • Can you use the Bilimeter to test the unit while the baby is still on the Bilibed?
    • No, the Bilimeter needs to be placed where the baby lays, so the baby must be removed.

  • Why is the Bilibed not recommended for pre-term or premature babies?
    • Pre-term or premature infants typically require an incubator and the Bilibed should not be used in an incubator.

  • How long can I expect the washable Bilicombis to last?
    • The washable bilicombis should maintain their quality with more than 10 washings according to our recommended washing instructions. If they break down in less than 10 washings, please contact us.


  • What is the warranty on the Bilibed?
    • There is a two year limited warranty.