BabyChecker™ Scale FAQs

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Misc. Questions & Answers

  • What is size and weight of the BabyChecker?
    • The dimensions of the BabyChecker are 5 ½" H x 12" W x 22" L. The unit itself weighs 6 pounds 6 ounces.

  • What is a BabyWeigh calibration weight?
    • A 10 kg calibration weight, class F or better, is used to check the accuracy of the BabyChecker and BabyWeigh scales.

      The BabyWeigh II scale requires two, 10 kg weights for calibration.

Product Usage

  • What is the accuracy of the BabyChecker Scale?
    • The accuracy is +/- 0.375% of the reading. The BabyChecker is accurate to 0.01 kilograms for infants under 10kg and to 0.02kg for infants weighing 10-20kg.

  • If the weight display does not read 0 when empty or does not correctly measure the weight of the calibration weight, how do I adjust or re-calibrate the BabyChecker?
    • Using a 10 kg calibration weight class F or better, check the accuracy of the BabyChecker after each move. If the scale needs to be re-calibrated, it must be returned to Medela for service.

  • Can a child over 20 pounds be weighed with the basket still on the BabyChecker Scale?
    • Medela recommends that babies under 20 pounds be weighed by placing them in the basket of the BabyChecker. Generally, infants over 20 pounds would be weighed with the basket removed. The BabyChecker can be used for readings up to 40 pounds.

  • What power sources does the BabyChecker use?
    • The BabyChecker is powered by 6 AA batteries, which powers the unit for approximately 200 hours. This scale does not use a transformer.

  • How is the baby's weight displayed in the BabyChecker Scale?
    • The baby's weight can be measured in either pounds and ounces or kilograms. Switching between grams and ounces cannot be done during the weighing process as the on/off switch is between the two weight choices.


  • Does the BabyChecker include a carrying case?
    • When rented, the BabyChecker includes a carrying case in the cost of rental. If purchased, the carrying case can be ordered separately.