Symphony PLUS

Introducing the Symphony PLUS Card

Medela has always been committed to enhancing mother's and baby's health through the life giving benefits of human milk, and that is why we are pleased to introduce the Symphony PLUS Card.

The Symphony PLUS Card is a major breakthrough in breastpumping for mothers of premature infants.

Recently, Paula Meier, RN, DNS, FAAN and her team from Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) conducted a blinded randomized clinical trial of 105 breastpump dependent mothers of premature infants using the Symphony PLUS program and Standard 2.0 program.  This pioneering research of pumping patterns for mothers of premature infants provided impressive results.

The Evidence is Overwhelming
The clinical trial showed that the combination of the Symphony PLUS 1.0 program and the Standard 2.0 program produced significantly more milk in less time compared to the Standard 2.0 alone:

  • By day 6, mothers achieved as much milk as mothers of exclusively breastfeeding term infants (530 ml)
  • By day 10, mothers achieved 71% more milk output
  • By day 14, 36% more mothers achieved the milk output target of > 350 ml/day post birth
  • More than twice the number of mothers achieved the milk output target of 500 ml/day
  • On average, mothers pumped 124 fewer minutes during the first 14 days

To learn more about the clinical trial, click here.

Translating Research to a User Friendly Product
To make it convenient and easier to use, Medela combined the Symphony PLUS 1.0 program and the Standard 2.0 program onto one easy to use program card - The Symphony PLUS.  This allows mothers of premature infants to use one pump to initiate and maintain her milk supply.  To learn more about the product offerings, click here.