Pledging Breastfeeding Success

Breastfeeding SuccessThe study authors found 85 percent of mothers who planned to exclusively breastfeed intended to do so for three months or longer. However, only 32.4 percent of mothers exclusively breastfed for as long as they intended.
With this research in mind, Medela continues to be committed to enhancing mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of breastmilk. We provide tools and products that help and encourage moms to continue breastfeeding for as long as they choose. Medela partners with moms from prenatal education, through the hospital visit and at home, and as moms transition back to work. Read below to find out more about how to lean on Medela for support as you plan and ACHIEVE your breastfeeding goals!
Before baby arrives:
  • Medela Social Communities: Facebook, Twitter, this Medela Moments Newsletter and blog are places where Medela Moms can get practical breastfeeding information from other Medela Moms. 
  •—Medela’s website is rich with information on the latest updates on the Affordable Care Act, Tips and Solutions and product information to help you throughout your journey.
When baby arrives:
  • Medela rental breastpumps are available in the hospital during that critical first 24-48 hours after your baby is born.  Personal use pumps are available for use after breastfeeding is well-established.
  • Designed exclusively for breastmilk feeding, Calma makes switching from bottle back to breast easier. Calma was developed using evidence-based research on babies' natural feeding behavior so you can enjoy your breastfeeding bond longer.
  • Ask the LC (Lactation Consultant) - Medela’s online LC service gives you access to health care professionals who know how to answer your questions, and get you answers when you need them.
  • MyMedela App - MyMedela app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch—free app provides tools and resources to help moms successfully breastfeed!
Check out the products and services mentioned above. Let’s change those statistics and start baby’s life with exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months.