Waterless Milk Warmer

Waterless Milk Warmerâ„¢

Use the safer practice to prepare human milk.

For healthcare professionals, we understand the risks that are associated with warming human milk in water.  That risk is now eliminated and the safety benefits of our warmer go even further.  With just a few simple steps, the Waterless Milk Warmer warms milk to temperatures consistent with expressed human milk.*  It safely thaws human milk  to refrigerated temperatures in less than 33 minutes for storage up to 24 hours. 

This bedside unit accommodate all Medela Breastmilk Containers and human milk containers and 1 mL - 60 mL syringes used in NICUs.  Medela’s Disposable Inserts are single-patient use and  make the warmer easy-to-clean. 

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*Temperatures may vary depending on actual container used.  Device is optimized for syringes and the Medela sterile 80 mL breastmilk storage containers.