Voluntary Recall -- Instructions/Symphony® Accessory and Conversion Kit

March 18, 2010 - Medela is voluntarily recalling non-sterile Symphony® Pumping accessory and conversion kits that may contain inaccurate instructions indicating the enclosed kit is sterile and does not require cleaning before first use.  The instructions for use are otherwise accurate. Please note the error was in the instructions only and none of the kit parts are otherwise affected.  This recall does not affect Medela breastpumps.

We are confident that this issue poses no health risk to nursing moms or infants.  There have been no complaints or reported safety incidents resulting from the error in instructions. 

Medela manufactures its products under a strict and rigorous quality system using processes and procedures validated through international standards.  The accessories in retail kits are produced and packaged in the same clean, controlled environment as our sterile kits.  These production, handling, and packaging processes do not expose the components to external contaminants.  Consumers should continue to sanitize the product at home after each use in accordance with the product’s instructions. 

Medela regrets any inconvenience, confusion or concern the erroneous instruction sheets may have caused for those who received them.  As a company committed for nearly 50 years to supporting breastfeeding moms and their babies, we take our product quality very seriously and would like to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns.  Please contact Medela Customer Service at 877-320-2301. 

Determining If Your Kit is Affected.

If your instructions indicate to clean prior to first use then your instructions are accurate your kit is not impacted.

Conversion Kits:
Item #s 67023 and 67091 are conversion kits including only extra tubing, membranes and membrane caps.  If you received or purchased a conversion kit between October 23, 2009 and March 16, 2010 – please click here for new instructions.  

Symphony Double Pump Accessory Kits:
Item #s 67099, 67099-06 and 67099-NA are retail accessory kits.  If you purchased a Symphony Double Pump accessory kit between December 4, 2009 and March 16, 2010, please discard those instructions and click here for new instructions.  If you purchased one of these affected retail kits and it is unopened, you may be entitled to a new kit.  Please contact Medela Customer Service at 877-320-2301.