Information on Becoming a Medela Rental/Retail Account

Thank you for your interest. We are currently accepting new account inquiries for Rental/Retail businesses.

How Does the Retail Program Work?
With leading health authorities endorsing breast milk as the preferred choice in infant nutrition, more and more mothers are choosing to breastfeed.

Some of these mothers go back to work or experience breastfeeding complications that may require the help of a breastpump. Medela’s breastpumps set the standard for hospital, at-home and worksite use.

Medela is looking for hospitals, homecare providers, pharmacies and other appropriate experts to work with mothers. Medela sells you the necessary pumping accessories for resale to the mothers who rent the pumps. For a nominal fee, hospital-grade breastpumps can be purchased for rental to your customers or patients.

Because a hospital-grade electric breastpump can be expensive to purchase, Medela designed a Breastpump Rental Program, which allows a mother to rent a quality Symphony® or Lactina® breastpump at a reasonable rate from a trusted location in her community.

How Does the Rental Program Work?
Medela is looking for hospitals, homecare providers, pharmacies, individuals and other appropriate experts to work with mothers. For a low monthly or annual fee, Medela supplies you with the rental breastpumps. Medela also sells you the necessary pumping accessories to resell to the mothers who rent the pumps. We also offer forms to help you administer the rental process.

Medela has two Rental Program Plans: a monthly flat rate plan or a prepaid plan.

Selling Mothers Accessories
When a mother rents an electric breastpump, she also needs an accessory kit. The kit is the only part of the Medela equipment which comes in contact with the mother or her milk.

Accounts purchase accessory kits from Medela and resell the kits to mothers. Suggested retail prices allow Rental Stations to make a profit on these sales.

A minimum opening order is required.

Why Choose Medela?
Medela is the leading breastpump name in hospitals and with breastfeeding experts. Mothers ask for our equipment by name, yet in many parts of the country, mothers do not have ready access to rental breastpumps. Making this equipment more readily available provides an important service to women and infants.

Medela's programs are designed to be very profitable. Just compare Medela’s suggested retail prices to your costs.

Medela’s sales representatives are available to help you through your start-up phase. As part of Medela’s Rental Program, you will receive instructional literature to help you run your business, as well as promotional literature to attract potential customers (upon request).

It's easy to get started
If you provide breastfeeding services or if you sell maternity or infant items, the Medela Rental Station is a natural addition to your business. Submit your inquiry today.

How to get started
Contact Medela’s sales team by submitting your inquiry.

Order Terms and Conditions
Orders are not final until accepted by Medela, Inc. Prices are subject to change without notice. Terms Net 30 days, FOB shipping point. Freight is added to order unless prepaid by purchaser. By placing an order, purchaser agrees to Medela, Inc.'s standard terms and conditions of sale, including warranty limitations, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by purchaser.