WIC Works: Partners in Promoting Breastfeeding

Washington DC

As a Business Council Partner in the National WIC Association (NWA), Medela representatives attended NWA's 22nd Annual Leadership Conference in Washington, DC and ascended onto Capitol Hill to engage support for continued governement funding for the WIC program.

WIC is the special supplemental nutrition program available to Women Infants and Children and has improved at-risk children’s health, growth and development and prevented nutrition-related and other health problems for more than 35 years. WIC serves over 9 million mothers and young children, over half of all American’s infants and one-quarter of its children 1-5 years of age. Medela supports WIC in its efforts to promote breastfeeding education and tools to the US population of women, infants and children who are in need of assistance.

As supporters of breastfeeding, maintain an awareness of your local WIC agency and those people you may know who currently or may benefit from WIC services. More information on the NWA Leadership Conference can be found on the NWA website http://www.nwica.org.

National WIC Association



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