Resources for Working and Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding and Working:

Breastfeeding Women and Work: The breastfeeding rights of working women is an issue that has been at the heart of WABA's concerns since the beginning.

Breastfeeding and the Employed Mother: The information on this collection of pages has been reprinted with permission from LLLI publications, including NEW BEGINNINGS, the bimonthly publication for LLL members, and LLL pamphlets. Most of the files feature true stories of mothers' experiences with working outside the home and breastfeeding.

Flex Success: A proposal Blueprint and Planning Guide for Getting a Family-Friendly Work Schedule. Find out how to get our boss to say "yes" to your request for a flexible work arrangement so that you can continue breastfeeding after your maternityl leave is finished. Lots of practical articles and resources including the popular e-workbook. Pat Katepoo.

La Leche League International -- La Leche League International's Web Site: This award-winning site is the web's most comprehensive and well thought-out site on breastfeeding. Over 700 pages of information, in an easy-to-use format. Contains: FAQs (frequently asked questions), stories from LLL journals, a help form for asking breastfeeding questions, links to local LLL Leaders/Groups, information in Spanish and Italian, links about the Center for Breastfeeding Information and other LLL programs and services, international and regional LLL conference information for parents and professionals, as well as the LLLI Catalog. A **must** see for both families and professionals.

Pumping Resources for Breastfeeding Mothers -- Includes Preemies, Adoptive Breastfeeding, Working and Breastfeeding information. Includes information about a listserv list for mothers who pump milk. diane Weissinger

Working and Breastfeeding -- Women have always combined work and breastfeeding. You can too. Take at least 6 weeks to focus on your baby and breastfeeding, if you can, without worrying about pumping and storing milk.



 If you are seeking lactation assistance call 1 800 TELL YOU, visit the Breastfeeding National Network (BNN), or ask our online IBCLC