University of Western Australia Research

Medela's partnership with the University of Western Australia continues to produce thought-provoking research in the field of Lactation Science. Medela is the only breastpump company that conducts basic research for the advancement of medical science.

Medela sponsored research with UWA includes:

Donna T. Ramsay, Jacqueline C. Kent, Robyn A. Owens, and Peter E. Hartmann
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Pediatrics, Feb 2004; 113: 361 – 367

Leon R. Mitoulas, Ching Tat Lai, Lyle C. Gurrin, Michael Larsson, and Peter E. Hartmann
“Efficacy of Breast Milk Expression Using an Electric Breast Pump”
Journal of Human Lactation, 11 2002; vol. 18: pp. 344 - 352.
Jacqueline E. Kent, BSc, PhD; Donna T. Ramsey, DMU, PGDip; Dorota Doherty, PhD; Michael Larsson, MBA; Peter E. Hartmann, BRurSci, PhD
Journal of Human Lactation 19(2) 2003; 
Leon R. Mitoulas, PhD; Ching Tat Lai, MSc; Lyle C. Gurrin, PhD; Michaelson Larsson, MBA; Peter E. Hartmann, PhD
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Donna T. Ramsay, Leon R. Mitoulas, Jacqueline C. Kent, Mark D. Cregan, Dorota A. Doherty, Michael Larsson, Peter E. Hartmann.
Breastfeeding Medicine. 2006, 1(1): 14-23. doi:10.1089/bfm.2006.1.14.