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Danielle has recently (2012) joined the Breastfeeding Research team at Medela AG, Switzerland. One of her major roles is to keep abreast of the latest research into human milk and lactation, and endeavour to communicate this knowledge both internally (within Medela) and externally (medical and research community).

Danielle completed her PhD in biochemistry in 2010 at The University of Western Australia with Professor Peter Hartmann and the Human Lactation Research Group.  Her research included topics such as:
-          The impact of temperature and time of heat treatment upon breastmilk and its bioactive proteins
-          The number, timing and pattern of milk ejections in women during milk removal
-          The impact of breast anatomy and breastshield size on milk ejection and milk removal
-          And, the impact on double versus single pumping on milk ejection and milk removal
The focus of Danielle’s research has been centered on understanding more about the basic physiology of human lactation, to provide clinicians and mothers' evidence based knowledge.
Danielle has also spent 2 years working in the field of women's health in Himalayas of Nepal, and is now grateful to be enjoying the luxuries of cheese and chocolate in the Swiss Alps.

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