Mark D. Cregan

Dr. Cregan undertook his Doctoral studies at The University of Western Australia in the laboratory of Professor Peter Hartmann specializing in the composition of breastmilk following premature birth.  Dr. Cregan's group is currently researching the appropriate storage conditions of breastmilk and the cellular composition of breastmilk in relation to milk synthesis, milk removal and potential lactation difficulties.  Recently Dr. Cregan demonstrated the presence of putative mammary stem cells in human breastmilk.  Dr. Cregan also continues to undertake research on lactation following premature birth and is currently co-investigator on a number of projects  investigating the benefits of regular breast expression in women who experience lactation difficulty following premature birth.  In recognition of his work Dr. Cregan was recently awarded the Ehrlich-Koldovsky Early Career Award by the International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation.  Dr. Cregan actively participates nationally and internationally in educational lectures and workshops for community groups and Health and Medical Professionals.

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