Striving for Excellence in Hospital Lactation Care

How to Address Critical Windows of Opportunity for Term and Preterm Situations

Presented by:

Jean Rhodes                 Paula Sisk

Jean Rhodes                                   Paula Sisk 
CNM, PhD, IBCLC                           PhD, RD, IBCLC

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This one day symposium will explore vital windows of opportunity in hospital lactation care from the first moments after a normal delivery to initiation of breast pumping to transitioning preterm infants to breast. Drawing from over 50 years experience in the fi elds of nutrition, lactation and nurse-midwifery, the presenters will discuss cutting-edge lactation research as well as clinical practice strategies to improve breastfeeding and infant health outcomes. Throughout the day, discussion will address practical aspects of caring for breastfeeding mothers and infants, including communication strategies to increase consistency in patient education.

8 Hours 0 Minutes
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Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 6.0 Contact Hours
  • Dietitian - 6.0 CPE Credits



  • Clinical Practice “Ways of Knowing”: What We Know and Don’t Know about Breastfeeding
  • How we Know Infants Were Born to Breastfeed
  • Breastfeeding, Human Milk Feeding and the Risk of Obesity
  • Establishing Lactation when Mother and Baby are Separated
  • Experiences of Pump Dependent Mothers – results of a qualitative study
  • Transitioning to At-Breast Feedings
  • Questions and answers


Learning Objectives:

  1. Construct an informed foundation for analyzing and presenting your knowledge to breastfeeding families
  2. Discuss the benefits of early skin-to-skin contact and the infant’s ability to take an active role in initiating breastfeeding
  3. Identify several scientifically-based explanations for obesity risk reduction associated with breastfeeding
  4. Discuss the establishment of lactation when mother and infant are separated
  5. Describe supports and barriers to milk expression when infant is hospitalized
  6. Identify strategies for transitioning to at-breast feedings

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