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In close collaboration with the University of Western Australia, we are currently gaining a deeper understanding of mother and baby – and turning the latest scientific knowledge into high-quality products. A study on the sucking behavior of babies has brought to light new findings which – after years of research and development – are now culminating in a pioneering technological achievement.

Calma was developed using evidence-based research on babies' natural feeding behavior. Calma is a totally new kind of nipple which allows babies to apply their acquired and intuitive sucking rhythm.

This presentation will properly in-service your staff of the use, benefits and research supporting Calma.

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  • Learn what Calma is
  • Understand how babies feed according to the latest research
  • Learn the advantages offered by Calm
  • Understand the difference over convensional nipples
  • Know the advantages for the baby
  • Review the product anatomy and why it's designed for breastmilk
  • Learn how the product works
  • Learn helpful hints for breastmilk feeding
  • Know additional troubleshooting measures
  • Access the research references supporting the product

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