Human Milk & Breastfeeding Education

Diane Spatz

This partial day course is led by Dr. Diane Spatz.  The course provides the clinician with evidence based nursing knowledge and application skills regarding research on human milk and breastfeeding for vulnerable infants. 

Dr. Spatz has dedicated her entire nursing career to caring for high risk mothers and infants.  Since 1989 Dr. Spatz has conducted research on breastfeeding and the use of human milk in high risk mothers and infants and interventions to improve outcomes.

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This course discusses the promotion and protection of breastfeeding for vulnerable infants as well as strategies to successfully create a positive breastfeeding culture wtihin your facility.

4 Hours 0 Minutes
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Credit Hours

  • Dietitian - 3.0 CPE Credits
  • Nursing - 3.0 Contact Hours


Ten Steps for Promoting and Protecting Breastfeeding for Vulnerable Infants


  • To understand the concepts of assisting mothers with establishing lactation
  • To discuss strategies that will enhance the transition to breastfeeding
  • Describe methods of facilitating breastfeeding success

Institutional Change to Create a Breastfeeding Culture:


The  program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will be described as a replicable model including information regarding the following:

  • A hospital-wide survey of nurses’ knowledge regarding breast milk management
  • The establishment of a hospital-wide breastfeeding committee and unit based sub-committees as part of the professional practice model
  • Breastfeeding resource binders on every unit
  • Educational programs for student nurses, all new hires, staff nurses, residents, and physicians
  • A clinical consensus program on the use of human milk and breastfeeding for the high risk infant
  • Continuous Quality Improvement projects related to the use of breast milk

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