Symphony® Preemie+™ Basic Education Package

Improving NICU Outcomes with Human Milk: Getting the Right Start

This is a combination product and continuing education package. It is inteded as a training program for for anyone within your facility that has contact with NICU babies and their mothers. Included in the package is:

  • 5 Preemie+ 1.0 cards or 2 Preemie+™ Symphony® Breastpumps
  • 2.0 Hours of Online Training
  • 2.0 Hours of Nursing CEs & Dietitian CPEs n
  • Unlimited Number of People form Purchasing Facility

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It is proven that human milk helps infants to grow and overcome serious morbidities.

Medela is committed to supporting, promoting and providing the latest breastfeeding research through comprehensive education. Our goal is to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration which research clearly demonstrates will improve outcomes. Medela has partnered with Paula Meier, RN, DNSc, FAAN, to develop this online course which focuses on the latest research and evidence using research based technology. This 2.0 credit hour course is comprised of three talks detailing the scientific evidence for the use of human milk for vulnerable infants and mechanisms to ensure its delivery.  

Education Program Content

  • Evidence for the Use of Human Milk in the NICU.
  • Initiation of Lactation and Protection of Maternal Milk Volume
  • Feeding the Highest Possible Dose of Human Milk to Infants
2 Hours 0 Minutes
Course ID

Credit Hours

  • Dietitian - 2.0 CPE Credits
  • Nursing - 2.0 Contact Hours
  • ACNM - .015 CEUs



  • Human milk as a therapeutic and protective agent
         -Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
         -Pro-inflammatory versus anti-inflammatory mechanisms
  • Short and long term health outcomes using human milk versus commercial formula
  • Dose and exposure period of human milk in the NICU
  • Prioritizing the use of human milk
  • Ensuring adequacy of human milk volumes
         -Expressing, collecting and storing human milk
  • Human milk feeding protocols in the NICU
  • Trouble-shooting slow weight gain in VLBW infants in the NICU
         -Lipid/calorie determination assessment
         -Manipulating feedings to improve weight gain

Course Specifics:

  • Unlimited number of attendees from purchasing facility may take this course.

Education Items Included:

  • One Education Binder for facility
  • Online Competency Validation

Products Included For Your Facility:

  • 5 Preemie+ 1.0 cards or 2 Preemie+™ Symphony® Breastpumps

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