Alternative Feeding Strategies for Infants with Special Needs

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This course explores challenging breastfeeding situations and the use of alternative feeding devices to ensure that babies with special needs can receive human milk even when unable to feed at the breast. The unique needs of families experiencing crisis are addressed and participants are introduced to various tools which can help vulnerable infants get off to the best start in life through the use of human milk. Slides, video, case studies and hands-on demonstration are used throughout the program. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how the high risk infant can benefit from the protection of exclusive human milk feeding.
  • Identify clinical strategies used to help mothers in challenging breastfeeding situations.
  • Identify three indications when supplementation of a breastfed infant may be necessary
  • Describe the use of nipple shields and how they can be used effectively in improving milk transfer.
  • Discuss the disadvantages of using infant formula as a supplement for the exclusively breastfed infant.
  • List two alternative feeding devices and describe their use.
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Course ID

Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 1.5 Contact Hours
  • Dietitian - 1.5 CPE Credits


  • Working with families of babies who have special needs
  • Benefits of human milk for vulnerable infants
  • Clinical indications for supplementing breastfed infant
  • Types of supplements
  • Use of alternative feeding devices (cup, supplemental nursing system, nipple shields, special needs feeder, bottle)

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