Breastfeeding Management for In-Hospital Clinicians:

Improving Outcomes

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This day-long course is designed for hospital-based nursing staff to improve their knowledge and skills regarding lactation management issues. Evidence-based practices which improve outcomes will be reviewed. Key information includes initiation and early management practices, assessment skills, common challenges, maternal and infant complications, early pumping issues, medications and discharge planning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the current state of breastfeeding in the US and in the targeted local community.
  • List five unique properties of human milk.
  • Describe the importance of nursing care in the first 24 hours on the success of breastfeeding.
  • Instruct a mother on the use of a breastpump.
  • Describe basic lactation management support as it relates to the NICU infant.
  • Discuss common problems encountered by mothers in the early postbirth period.
  • Describe three hospital practices which are supportive of breastfeeding initiation and lead to improved short and long term outcomes.
  • Discuss available resources in the local community to assist the breastfeeding mother and baby.
6 Hours 0 Minutes
Course ID

Credit Hours

  • Nursing - 6.0 Contact Hours
  • Dietitian - 6.0 CPE Credits


  • Review of Current Breastfeeding Status in US and Local Community
  • Research Updates on the Uniqueness of Human Milk
  • Beginning Breastfeeding: the First Few Days After Birth
  • Challenges in the Early Postpartum Period
  • Special Situations: How Technology Can Assist
  • Best Practices for Supporting Breastfeeding in Hospital Settings
  • Discharge Planning: What the New Mother Needs to Know
  • Empowering Women - Encouraging Success

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