Easy Expression™ Bustier

Product Overview


Hands-free pumping made easy!  Easy Expression is the newest addition to Medela's line of breastpump accessories.

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  • Hands-free pumping made easy
  • Gives you the freedom to do other things while pumping
  • Compatible with most electric breastpumps
  • Machine wash, tumble dry
  • Easy to wear and wash 
  • Cotton/Spandex blend

What’s Included

  • 1 - hands-free pumping bustier


  • Colors: White or black 
  • Fiber content: 93% cotton, 7% Spandex 
  • Unit Weight: 0.4 lbs 
  • Unit Size/Packaging: 6 7/8 x 7 1/8 x 1 3/4


Easy Expression™ Bustier | Medela 2.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 0 reviews.
Mary Rose More than 1 year ago
This is my 2nd pregnancy and I bought this bra before I gave birth because I found that holding two breastshields is a pain to say the least. This bra enabled me to free up my hands so I can feed my baby and pump at the same time! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. I wish I bought this when I had my twins. It would have made my life easier. Here's a tip, get a size up from your normal bra size. I didn't do this and i didn't account for the fact that my breasts are now larger because I am nursing, so my bra is a little tight but it still works. Its definitely a must have if you have a pump.
Sarah Rossier More than 1 year ago
I could not live without this product! It is a necessity for mothers who are pumping. The hands-free bustier is a genius product and it is comfortable, easy to use, and machine washable! Thank you Medela for creating an outstanding product that is so important to today's breastfeeding mothers! I highly recommend this product to both working and stay-at-home mothers who need to multi-task!
Leanne Velky More than 1 year ago
When I first saw this product online I thought it was ridiculous. However, when planning to return to work I finally caved and bought one... and boyyyy am I happy I did! It really works and it frees up your hands to do other things. The only criticism I have (Medela) is that I think it needs a little hook & eye at the top of the zipper to make zipping it easier. I have large breasts so it pulls a little more on me and having that added help would be great. The first few times I tried to zip it, the zipper kept falling off because of the stretch. You can easily add this on yourself, though, until Medela comes out with a new model with this feature. Other than that, this is an awesome product and I highly recommend it to ALL nursing/pumping moms whether you're pumping at home or at work. A TOTAL must have!!
Becky Azevedo More than 1 year ago
I absolutely agree! I also thought this was crazy. But now I can't imagine pumping without it!
Erin Clarke More than 1 year ago
I love being able to go "hands-free" while I'm pumping at work. However, I always find it awkward at the end of a pumping session to remove the shields and the valves without milk dripping out of either. It would be helpful if there were snaps or zippers below or above the shield holes that would allow you to remove the connected pieces as one unit. Hey Medela, are you listening?
Kimberly Jayjohn More than 1 year ago
this is a great concept but it needs to be revamped big time! *hint hint Medlea!* I agree with what Erin said: its cumbersome to put the shieilds on and then have to hook the connector up to them and when you're done have a towel ready because when you take them apart you'll drip all over the place. Also I think the elastic bands need some strengthening because as the bags fill up they pull down and eventually my nipple rubs against the sheild and connecter and this HURTS! So it's only handsfree for me until I get the bags full to 3 oz then I have to hold the parts up. I also think that the material strectches out with time/use because it used to be snug and now I have to put a towl or roll my shirt up inside it to help hold it up and tight against me. Overall I'd recommend it but be ready for some issues.
Rebecca Trepanier More than 1 year ago
Better off going with a better design like this one - that adjusts around the band and then also has bra straps to hold it up. Also has a better system for keeping the flange right next to your skin so there isn't leakage or air getting out. I agree, this could be a much better designed product, but for the price it works I suppose.
Jessica More than 1 year ago
I use my pumping bra all the time. I love that I can use my cumputer or read a book while I pump. The only issue I have is that the zipper fell off track the fist week I had it. My husband kind of fixed it for me but now it's hard to zip again . I will try to get ahold of Medela to see if they will make good and send me a new bra.
Jenny Fiscus 3 months ago
I really love the idea of this, however, the zipper broke on the first use. I really need a hands free pumping option as I am back at work and need to work while pumping. My solution, keep it zipped and put it on from the feet and pull up in place. It works.
Amber Diehl 6 months ago
I used the sizing chart to determine which one to purchase. Despite buying one appropriate for my size, the bustier was way too snug which probably contributed to the zipper busting off after only 4 uses. Too scared to spend the money to try the next size up. Disappointed.
Jennifer Found 8 months ago
This concept was probably thought of from a woman, but designed by a man. It's the poorest of quality of anything I've bought so far from Medela and the cheapest made. I think I paid 35$ for this at Babies R Us and it probably cost 3$ to make it. The zipper is the cheapest of cheap. Not even dollar store material. If your going to take the time to make something like this, why not make it great quality like a bra you can actually wear all day with support and nipple closures. I would pay 100$ for one if it was made like a regular bra that's how awesome the concept. I'm giving it two stars only because I like the hands free thing even if it takes ten minutes of fighting with the zipper to get it on :(
Jennifer Smith 4 months ago
I've been using the bustier for 3 weeks (2x daily). Loved it, until the zipper busted. Not happy.
Kelley Moriarty More than 1 year ago
After only a week and a half of use, the zipper has busted and it is unrepairable. I am disappointed in the quality of this product for the price. I will not be buying another Medela pumping bra to replace it, that's for sure.
Stacy Smothermon More than 1 year ago
i agree
mydarlingdoll . More than 1 year ago
I went by the recommended chart to select my size but had trouble with product since day one. The holes are too close together if you have wider spacing between your breasts. This makes it uncomfortable and pumping less efficient. The zipper was very hard to align and finally broke after about ten uses. I am unimpressed with the access to Medela customer service and will not buy another one of these or make any recommendations. In the long run, the hand pump that I got at the hospital works best.
Jeannie Kim Woo More than 1 year ago
If you've decided to use a double pump, this product is a practical necessity. Pumping can take a long time - especially when you're first starting out. Holding up the collection units with both your hands gets tiresome very quickly and its easy to inadvertently relax your position (or slouch) and lose suction. So, having your hands and the suction cups secured against your breasts is fantastic. Even if you weren't planning on multi-tasking, the small amount of compression offered by this bra seemed to help keep the suction cups in place as I moved (and slouched). HOWEVER (and this is huge) - the bra itself is terribly difficult to put on because it comes with a cheap zipper and no additional buttons or hooks. The bra is a stretchy elastic tube top that you secure around your chest with a single zipper. The zipper itself is small and thin, like the side zipper on a cocktail dress. Its teeth don't catch very easily, which makes zipping it up very difficult. There are no hooks or buttons to help you hold the two stretchy ends together while you fuss with the zipper. It's an arm and hand workout to hold the elastic ends together with one hand while trying to insert the left side of the zipper into the starting block. The reality is no woman would wear this bra except during the pumping session - when you've got two collection cups dangling off your breasts. What is the point of using a tiny discrete zipper except that it might cost less to manufacture? Replace it with one that has huge teeth, zips easily. Add buttons or hooks that would help a woman put this garment on herself. There was one incident when I couldn't put this bra on myself. I tried and tried to secure the zipper, but I was dead tired from the baby and stressed out about how engorged I had become. Had I not gotten assistance from my mother, the pumping session would have started with tears. There is no reason why this product couldn't be made better with a few simple design modifications.
Ashley Phillips 7 months ago
I used this for less than 2 weeks, and the zipper broke. For what I paid for this, I would have definitely expected higher quality. Very very disappointed in this product. And the fact that I had a 16 month old and a newborn, makes it very difficult to sit around and hold a pump. Hence buying the hands free bustier. I will go with a different brand tomorrow when I purchase a new one. Thanks for the waste of money Medela.....