Supplemental Nursing System™ (SNS™)

Product Overview

Instruction Manual (pdf)

The Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) is a feeding tube device to provide babies long-term supplemental feedings at the breast. When a baby is at breast over a period of days or weeks, a hormonal mechanism is triggered that causes milk to be produced.

The SNS can also be used for:

  • Inducing lactation
  • Keeping special-needs babies at the breast
  • Premature babies
  • Weak, ineffective or lazy nursers
  • Failure-to-thrive babies
  • Impaired babies
  • Low-milk supply mothers
  • Relactating mothers
  • A teaching tool to "fingerfed" babies who have had difficulty latching onto the breast



  • Made without BPA
  • All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are not made with BPA
  • Ideal for long-term supplemental feedings at the breast
  • Provides assistance to mothers and babies facing special long-term challenges
  • Adjustable flow-rate system
  • Allows mothers to control the flow of liquid to the infant
  • Color-coded valves with attached tubing
  • Helps mothers to manage different feed rates
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Our neck strap makes for a more convenient feeding experience for moms
  • Sterile packaging
  • Ready to use

What’s Included

  • 150 mL SNS container
  • Cover
  • 3 sizes of tubing with attached valves
  • Neck cord
  • Valve holder
  • Attachment ring
  • Tape
  • Instructions
Instruction Manual (pdf)


SNS™ Neck Cord

SNS™ Neck Cord
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SNS™ Replacement Tubing & Valve Set

SNS™ Replacement Tubing & Valve Set
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Extra SNS™ Containers with Lids

Extra SNS™ Containers with Lids
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SNS™ Attachment Ring

SNS™ Attachment Ring
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SNS™ Cover

SNS™ Cover
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Hypoallergenic Tape Without Holder

Hypoallergenic Tape Without Holder
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Hypoallergenic Tape With Holder

Hypoallergenic Tape With Holder
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Supplemental Nursing System™ (SNS) | Medela 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 0 reviews.
Brandy Pipes More than 1 year ago
I've been using the nurser for 8 weeks now and I am happy to say my baby and I are definitely bonding! I nursed my two biological children for a year with no problem, but adoptive lactation is a whole new beast! The SNS has given me the ability to provide my baby with donated breast milk (from close friends) while I take supplements to stimulate my own breasts to begin lactation. I am climbing an up-hill battle so to speak because this is not only adoptive nursing, but I had a breast reduction last October completely unaware I would be needing healthy breasts for a new baby today! Despite the surgery I feel the "let-down reflex" as my baby nurses, however, I get only droplets out when I pump. Yes, I know that the baby suckles much harder than a pump and he may actually be receiving some milk that I just cannot see... I also know that the amount he eats from the nurser is staying pretty consistent. this leads me to believe that I am not producing much if any after two months of struggling. Regardless, this momma is not giving up! I want to provide the very best in nutrition and bonding for my adopted baby just like I did with my biological children. The "let-down reflex" is a familiar and encouraging feeling for me yet I have wondered if it is possibly similar to "muscle-memory". I was hoping that because I had nursed for a total of 25 months combined between my older children that my body would know exactly what to do and be flowing freely by now. However, my scarred breasts are not creating even a snack let alone a meal at this point. I will continue to use the nurser for the whole first year if I have to because I can't stand the idea of using formula. I just keep looking for a bottle that will hold more than five ounces. As my son grows, this tiny little bottle isn't going to be enough I'm afraid. Meanwhile we are figuring out that the tubes are not as easily pulled out of the mouth by busy little hands when I pull my shirt down over them allowing only the breast and nursing baby to be exposed. We also now know that lanolin for sore cracked nipples keeps the tape from holding the tubes in place and even if it is put on a very small area it spreads farther than you would think and makes the next feeding a huge challenge. We have yet to use a "cover up" to nurse in public mostly because I have been afraid. It takes persistence for mom and baby to figure out the tubes, tape, and of course "proper latching". Casting all fear aside, this evening my husband and I are going out on a date with baby in tow. I plan to carry my SNS prepped for travel and face this fear head on!!! I feel empowered and I am so thankful for the SNS giving me the ability to nurse child number three despite the cards being stacked against me!!
Natalie Rodriguez More than 1 year ago
To see how much he might be getting from you, you could weigh him before and after he nurses from you to see the difference. That's what the lactation consultant did with my son when I was struggling to nurse a few days after giving birth.
Rhonda Liebig More than 1 year ago
26 years ago I used this product to nurse my adopted daughter. It worked very well. She was satisfied. I was satisfied. I felt confident in public as it was concealed easily under clothing. After 10 weeks of on-demand nursing, I began producing my own milk supply and the word 'Supplemental' took on a whole new meaning! Happy to see it is still available.
Octavia Cortes More than 1 year ago
When u have a low supply like myself, u try everything from nursing supplementers, to herbs, to hand expressing in between feedings to sleeping with baby day n night. This is a real life saver or should i say "milk saver". I used this all the time and its concealed under a nursing cover too.
Angel Tosado More than 1 year ago
Do you used it all day? did your baby latch-on easily as if there wasn't the tubes. I've been using it for only three days, but I feel that my baby feels uncomfortable with it, and don't feel the suction so strong.
Angel Tosado More than 1 year ago
sorry I was on my husband account
Bobbi McMasters More than 1 year ago
With my first child this was what helped my supply come back and I was able to just breastfeed again! An amazing product!
Colbee Carlos More than 1 year ago
Although there is some added preparation at feeding times and a little more of a challenge to get a good latch, this product is worth it! After using the system for one month, my milk has gone from very low to a healthy consistent supply! I nursed with my first child for eighteen months and the thought of not being able to nurse my second really didn't sit well with me. I was so happy to have been introduced to this product! Thank you Medela!
leticiakawano 6 months ago
Medela 00901S Supplemental Nursing System: It leaks! I don't know if there is a better product with the same idea (to supplement breastfeeding at the same time the baby breastfeeds), however the medela SNS has many problems which are very bothersome: - small opening of the container/bottle prevents you to prepare the formula straight in it. You have to prepare it in a different bottle and then pour the liquid in it. - The valve holder very frequently displaces itself from the valve when they are already inside the attachtment ring and you are making the movement of fastening the attachment ring to the container. A pain in the butt.
Jenn Karman More than 1 year ago
Let's face it, no one wants to use a SNS. But we do it for various reasons. Mine was because I've had a breast reduction and couldn't produce enough milk initially to meet my son's needs. The pediatrician had me offer one half ounce of formula at every feeding. There is the first problem. You will need to untether the cord from around your neck if you are trying to offer a low volume of supplement. I spent the second galf od each feed holding the bottle up to drain the formula completely. Second. It leaks. Badly! If the cap is too tight, too loose, or the wind is blowing from the east you will end up covered in supplement. My recommendation is you hold it upside down 3 times times to check for leaks before using it. Then you'll still want a towel under it. Cleaning it is not easy. The neck of the bottle is too tight to get a brush in there so you just end up shaking hot, soapy water in it. That said, this is vastly better than the starter SNS, so if you need to supplement more than a few days I'd invest in this one.
Riaan Stols 3 months ago
At 3 in the morning when baby is crying the last thing you need is the nursing aid to start leaking milk al over you and the baby especially after you have been struggling for an half an hour with the really bad designed seal system at the bottom. You are really better of making your own aid from zip lock bags and plastic tubes.