New 2007 Limited Edition Pump in Style® Advanced Offers Best-Selling Double-Electric Breastpump in High Fashion Tote

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February 9, 2007: The 2007 Limited Edition tote boasts polished metal accents, expandable side pockets and helpful interior organizing compartments.  A zippered top provides added security, and for the first time, Medela’s 2007 Limited Edition Pump In Style Advanced offers mom both fashionable carrying handles and a comfortable shoulder strap.  With such a versatile design, mom can use the tote bag as a diaper, work or gym bag long after she has finished pumping.

“Moms told us what they wanted in a breastpump bag — carrying handles to pull it in and out of a car, pockets on the sides for easier access to a water bottle or cell phone and a discrete but chic design,” said Tim Killinger, senior industrial designer at Medela. “We married these practical requirements with the results of our research about the latest fashion projections. By examining fashion forecasters like Vogue,, fashion industry Web sites and the pantone color chart, we made sure the 2007 Limited Edition is right up there with the latest handbag trends.”

As with the entire Pump In Style Advanced line, the 2007 Limited Edition contains Medela’s Pump In Style Advanced breastpump that features 2-Phase Expression® technology — a pumping pattern initially developed for hospital-grade breastpumps. 

The pioneering 2-Phase Expression pumping pattern, exclusive to Medela breastpumps, mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct phases. During the “Stimulation” phase, the pump mimics a nursing baby’s initial rapid sucking action, leading to the milk ejection reflex (MER) and quickly beginning milk flow, or let-down. 

After two minutes the pump automatically switches to the second phase, called “Expression,” which imitates an infant’s longer feeding cycle where slower, deeper suckling helps to maximize milk flow in a shorter period of time. When used at Maximum Comfort Vacuum™ — the highest vacuum level comfortable for each individual mom — the 2-Phase Expression technology results in more milk in less time, an especially important benefit for today’s busy moms.

The 2007 Limited Edition also contains color-coordinated removable contents: two machine-washable mesh bags, which can be used to hold extra breastshields or to separate clean and dirty parts, and a removable work surface to enable mom to pump in a less-than-optimal location.  It also includes an AC adapter, battery pack and manual pumping option.

An extension of Medela’s Pump In Style Advanced line, which includes the Pump In Style Advanced Backpack, Shoulder Bag and Metro Bag, the 2007 Limited Edition has a suggested retail price of $369.99 and can be purchased at hospital, rental and juvenile specialty stores nationwide where Medela products are sold. 

“With breastfeeding as the nutritional choice of today’s chic new moms, Medela strives to continue to offer both cutting-edge technology and up-to-the-minute style,” said Carolin Archibald, Medela vice president of marketing. “For the working mom or the mom-on-the-go, the 2007 Limited Edition is the perfect breastfeeding accessory to enable her to remain fashionable while she continues to provide her baby the best with breastmilk.”

Medela’s Breastfeeding National Network (BNN) can help mom find a retailer near her or by calling 1-800-TELL YOU.

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