I am having problems with the battery, what do I do?



  1. Make sure the battery has been inserted into the pump. When first opening the Freestyle packaging, the battery is inside the top portion of the plastic tray that contains the pump.
  2. Battery may not be properly inserted into the pump. Make sure the “This side down” message is inserted toward the bottom of the pump and that the pull tab is facing up. When properly inserted the battery should easily slide into the battery compartment.
  3. Make sure pump is plugged into a wall outlet and the power cord symbol is displayed when charging
  4. Make sure you are using the power cord that came with the pump. If the power cord symbol is flashing, this indicates a problem with the voltage and/or power supply. 

 Watch the Troubleshooting video.

This Question Applies to:
  • Freestyle® Breast Pump Deluxe Set