What do I do if there is low or no suction when pumping with the Freestyle breast pump?

  1. Make sure the breast shield is assembled correctly and the back cap is firmly attached at all three connection points.
  2. Make sure the breast shield forms a complete seal around the breast.
  3. Make sure the tubing ends are securely attached into the pump and breast shield assemblies. There should be a slight click when the tubing connection is properly made.
  4. Take care not to kink the tubing.
  5. If single pumping, make sure the unused tube is securely connected to the tubing dock.
  6. Make sure battery is not low (flashing battery symbol with one bar). If low, use power cord to charge.   

Watch the Troubleshooting video.


This Question Applies to:
  • Freestyle® Breast Pump Deluxe Set