How do I adjust the scale display when all dashes are on the display?


You may have to recalibrate the scale. Refer to the Service Manual for calibration instructions. If that does not work then Hold down the Before Nursing Button while turning on the scale, F1 will blink on the display, hit the After Nursing button a couple of times until F4 is on the display then hit the Reweigh button, the program should read H60 0. If the display already reads H60 0 the scale needs to be returned to Medela for repair, the scale most likely has bad load cell. If the display does not read H60 0 you will need to reset the display program. Press the Before Nursing button until the H is displayed, use the Weight Entry button to adjust the display to 6, the After nursing button to change 0, and Reweigh button for blank space 0. Scale program is then reset. If you continue to have problems, call Medela Customer Service to obtain an RMA to return for repair.

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