Create Your Home Nursing Room


For many moms, the moments spent breastfeeding are the most incredible. So, why not create a place in your home to foster these memories? You can check out BabyCenter’s “nursing sanctuary” tips; and read our list for how to create your own breastfeeding nook.

Nursing Chair

Choose a chair that you feel comfortable in and that helps you position your baby naturally at breast. Many moms prefer a chair with arms, or a chair that has pillows to help with proper breastfeeding positioning. A rocking chair can also be very calming for mom and baby.

Calming View or Lighting

Relaxation is key, so choose a place in your home that you find calming. A room with a nice view can be a good choice or one with muted lighting that doesn’t overwhelm you or your baby. Also, consider choosing a room with light colors, as opposed to vivid, bright colors.

Keep Water and Accessories Close

Having a table next to you where you can keep a glass of water and any breastfeeding accessories can be helpful. You definitely don’t want to interrupt your special moment with baby to get a glass of water or breastfeeding accessory. The table can also keep a radio or music player to quietly play your favorite music while breastfeeding. Keep your cell phone nearby in case you need anything, but put it on silent to eliminate distractions while you’re spending time with your little one.