Setting Realistic And Positive Breastfeeding Goals


If you’re a new mom, it’s great to set breastfeeding goals to help motivate you to provide the best nutrition possible for your little one. However, don’t let these new goals make you feel guilty about how you provide for your baby. Let’s walk through some important steps in setting realistic breastfeeding goals that will encourage you keep you motivated to give the best to your little one.

Celebrate the everyday accomplishments

Don’t feel like you need to set just one big breastfeeding goal. Why not set more short-term goals and celebrate the everyday breastfeeding accomplishments? Start by setting weekly or monthly goals, If you reach your goal, do something fun with your family to celebrate. More breastfeeding goals = more fun!

Understand the benefits

If you need some encouragement in reaching your goals, review the ever-growing benefits of breastfeeding. You are truly giving your baby the best nutrition possible by breastfeeding. By doing so, you’re supporting your baby’s healthy immune system and protecting them against infections and other common infant illnesses, to name a few benefits.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Understand that every mom and baby’s breastfeeding experience is different, so never compare your breastfeeding success to others. You are the only one who understands your family’s needs; so don’t second-guess your decisions. We’re proud of your commitment to breastfeeding and think it’s great that you continue to work hard to reach your goals, whatever they may be.