Leaking Breasts While Breastfeeding: What To Do


Any breastfeeding mom has been there. You’re out and about and you feel a letdown coming on. Soon, your shirt is wet and there’s not much you can do. Don’t worry –  leaking breasts are common while breastfeeding. We’ve got tips to help you stay dry and comfortable, so you can maintain a positive attitude even when leaks happen.

Breastfeed Often

Although inconvenient, leaking breasts are a sign you are lactating properly. Try to breastfeed or pump regularly and not skip feedings or pumping sessions. By frequently expressing milk, you may be able to limit how often or how much your breasts leak.

Change Bra Pads Regularly

Bra pads are a great option for breastfeeding moms because they help you stay dry and comfortable, while also preventing embarrassing stains on your clothes. Just be sure to change your bra pads regularly when they get damp to avoid nipple soreness or a potential thrush infection.

Apply Pressure when Needed

If you feel a letdown coming on at an inopportune time, you can try to discreetly apply pressure to your nipples. Wrap your arms around your body, like you’re giving yourself a big hug. We understand this isn’t the most natural position, but it can be a quick fix until you’re able to put in bra pads or return to a private setting.

Wear Patterned and Layered Clothes

Leaks happen and there will likely come a time when you have some wet spots on your shirt. If you wear patterns, it can make wet marks far less noticeable. We also recommend layering so, if a leak does happen, you can cover it with a sweater or jacket.

Keep a Good Sense of Humor

Leaks can be embarrassing, but try to keep your head up. Many moms have been in your shoes and can identify with you. Try to allow yourself to smile about this silly stage in your journey of motherhood.