23 Gorgeous Breastfeeding Moments


It’s no secret – we love breastfeeding.

We love how good it is for babies and their mamas. We love the empowering experience of being able to provide nourishment to a growing baby. And honestly, we love how beautiful it is.

When we see a mom and baby connected so intimately, whether it’s at the breast or with a little help from a breast pump, we can’t help but stop scrolling. These are just 23 of the gorgeous breastfeeding moments that we’ve been obsessed with lately. Hope you love them as much as we do:

1. When you’re brand new to the breastfeeding journey.

Photo via @nicolestreeterbirths


2. When you drop everything because baby’s hungry and that’s ok.

Photo via @jacquebreeze


3. When you’re proud to be a pumping mama and want to show the world.

Photo via @chelsea_sayss


4. When your new mom aesthetic is total #momgoals.

Photo via @freshlygiven


5. When you love your new body because you grew a human with it.

Photo via @eliseknowles


6. When you take getting in touch with nature seriously.

Photo via @ashleydscheiderphotography


7. When you’re on a boat.

Photo via @umi.butterfly


8. When you’re totally exhausted but also totally dedicated.

Photo via @itsnottoocomplicated


9. When you’ve got two babies…and also two breasts to feed them with.

Photo via @blessedindoubles


10. When you’re totally nailing supplementing.

Photo via @mommyguidance


11. When you find total acceptance with your fourth trimester body.

Photo via @theblushmom


12. When you have to pump, but you also have to make dinner.

Photo via @mrsvdoubleu


13. When you’re struck with complete joy.

Photo via @wolfe_mama


14. When you experience that first proud public nursing moment.

Photo via @mama__soleil


15. When even a NICU stay can’t stop you from giving your baby breast milk.

Photo via @masgnicu


16. When you make motherhood look seriously good.

Photo via @brookebeingallzen


17. When you make learning to latch look like art.

Photo via @milkandhannahphoto


18. When you look down at your baby and can’t believe how far you’ve come.

Photo via @french_press_photographie


19. When you pump and call it “breastfeeding,” because pumping is breastfeeding too.

Photo via @kdstudio


20. When you’ve got to pump, but you’ve also got to have coffee.

Photo via @beckyislame


21. When you’re completely blissed out and amazed by your little human.

Photo via @the_luxe_mom


22. When you find out there are hands-free bras that can help you be a multitasking queen.

Photo via @staystrongjustbreathe


23. When you realize your heart’s capacity to love just grows with the second baby.


Photo via @strollergang


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